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My Purple Rose Entertainment Group LLC
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Welcome Kings and Queens

My Purple Rose Entertainment Group

I am excited that you have taken the time to visit our site.  You are very important to us and we appreciate your support.    It's not by accident you are here reading this, I have prayed for you and God have heard my prayers.  The evidence is that you are reading this message. 

This is your site for gospel stage plays, musical events and ministry.  We are here to bring you quality gospel entertainment.  My prayer is that the messages are received and God will get the glory out of each production.   We welcome your comments and suggestions, because after all we are here for YOU! 

Did you know that the Purple Rose is a precious flower and we believe that each person we come in contact with is just as precious; because we are God's creation and we are precious in His sight! The color Purple means royalty and the Rose is more than just a beauty of nature; the rose is as rich and varied as the flower itself.  Purple Roses - Splendor and regal majesty.  Never forget that you are Royalty!

I love you...LOVE can never fail.

Her Majesty


Prince E. Beasley

CEO & Founder 


My Purple Rose Entertainment Group LLC.

Georgia native, with a Texas size heart originally from Pembroke, GA the outskirts of Savannah. She has a Charismatic Charm not to be mistaken with the business mind she has. She is diligent, detailed, punctual and to the point. She believes in hard work, and the more you apply it the more successful you will become. She always strives for improvement whether it be the business or writing itself. Her ambitious and her Faith in God catapults her into a position of success allowing her to build and sustain MPREG. She will not except anything less from her staff or any business venture that she is engaged in.  She has the demeanor of Martin Luther King Jr. using finesse in every way possible. Working hard has finally paid its dividend’s.“Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya”. If there is a problem she knows how to solve it… She is strictly business and because of this MPREG continues to evolve.


Tony Comins



 My Purple Rose Entertainment Group LLC


He has an Innovative, Unique & Creative Mind. He is a God-Fearing Christian with business sense. His demeanor is something like that of Malcom X… More transparent and less finesse. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he understands how important it is to embrace an opportunity when one is presented. Being from there he has the mentality of either sink or swim, experiencing this firsthand he understands how working hard pays off. Having the do or die mentality keeps him well balanced in the business and the community as well. He is very determine and won't stop until he has reach whatever he has set out to accomplished.

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See You On The Royal Carpet

My Purple Rose Entertainment Group LLC
Irving, Texas 70016

Phone: 972-904-1825

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